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Happy New Year From Wire & Cable Your Way!

The entire Wire & Cable Your Way team wishes all of our customers and vendors a happy 2019!!

We give deep thanks to all of our customers for your trust & faith in us, as well as our vendors for providing us with top-notch products and quality service.  2018 was a year of fantastic growth and we couldn’t have done it without you all!

We are looking forward to building together with each and every one of you in 2019!


Wire & Cable Your Way



Veteran’s Day

Wire & Cable Your Way

Wire & Cable Your Way would like to honor the brave men & women who have fought and served our country.   We would not be living in this free country if it weren’t for you.  We are thankful and forever indebted.

God Bless You All.


Wire & Cable Your Way

Stephen Gray and the Invention of Wire

Inventor of Wire

Stephen Gray (1666-1736)

Stephen Gray, who lived from 1666 to 1736, was a skilled astronomer, instrument maker and electrical experimenter. Out of favor with the brilliant but contentious Isaac Newton, who headed the influential Royal Society, Gray spent most of his life unrecognized. He worked in obscurity, staying with friends and supporters and living in homes for the destitute.

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2nd Place Winner – Electrical Wire for PV Array

Wire And Cable Your Way would like to congratulate Jeff G. out in Virginia who won 2nd place in our February 2015 photo contest.

We absolutely loved the expansiveness of the photo and how the wire was being used.

Here is what Jeff had to say about the project:

This is the “Monkey Bottom” PV array located at Naval Station Norfolk in Norfolk, VA. This is a 2.1 MW array providing supplemental power to the Naval Station. An array of Wire and Cable Your Way products were used to tie the power, monitoring and security systems together by the many contractors who participated in the project and the ongoing maintenance of the system.

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Lowered THHN Copper Building Prices

Dear customers,

Due to the drop in copper prices, we have lowered many of our copper wire products.

Many of you will be happy to find our THHN copper building wire at the lowest price we have ever offered the product.

We have also lowered the prices of our XHHW-2 copper building wire and our XLP-USE-2 Copper Building Wire.

Click here for THHN prices >>

Click here for XHHW-2 prices >>

Click here for XLP-USE-2 prices>>

If you have any questions or need info on any of our products please call 855-880-8010.

Thanks for stopping by!

Your pal,




2014 Holiday Schedule

Hello Customers!

Below is our 2014 Holiday Schedule:

Wednesday December 24th – 7am-3pm cst

Thursday December 25th – Closed

Friday December 26th – Closed

Wednesday December 31st – 7am-3pm cst

Thursday January 1st – Closed

Friday January 2nd – Closed

Feel free to give us a call at 855-880-8010 if you have any questions.

Happy Holidays!


Now in Stock – STOW White Portable Cord!

Wire And Cable Your Way is pleased to now offer STOW White Portable Cord in several different sizes – all cut by the foot!

STOW Portable Cord is rated for 600 Volts and comes in a Thermo-plastic oil resistant white jacket.

Below are the sizes we currently offer:

18/3 STOW White Portable Cord
18/4 STOW White Portable Cord
18/5 STOW White Portable Cord
16/3 STOW White Portable Cord
16/4 STOW White Portable Cord
16/5 STOW White Portable Cord
14/3 STOW White Portable Cord
14/4 STOW White Portable Cord
12/3 STOW White Portable Cord
12/4 STOW White Portable Cord
10/3 STOW White Portable Cord

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Solar PV Wire Now Available!

Wire And Cable Your Way is pleased to now offer Solar Photovoiltic (PV) Wire – 600V!

PV Wire is sunlight resistant, rated for direct burial, and has stranded copper conductors with an XLP insulation.

PV wire is also listed as UL 4703.

We currently offer sizes 8 AWG PV Wire  & 10 AWG PV Wire on the site for purchase by the foot.

Please click here to view the price of 8 AWG PV Wire>>
Please click here to view the price of 10 AWG PV Wire>>

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WCTG Goodies

Glad to see our Wire And Cable Your Way water bottles hydrating customers across the country!Wire And Cable Your Way Water Bottles

Our dear customer Ron Savino sent us this pic of our bottle on the job site in SoCal.  He said the weather has been in the 100’s all week long!

Keep cool, Mr. Savino!

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What is the Price of 22 Gauge 3 Conductor Wire?

Does your upcoming job require a 22 gauge 3 conductor wire?  Looking for the right price on a 20 gauge 3 conductor wire?

If so, please take a look at the low voltage 20 gauge 3 conductor wires listed below which are all in stock here at Wire And Cable Your Way.

1. 22 Gauge 3 Conductor Foil Shield Communication Cable

Click here for Specs & Pricing>>

***equivalent Belden 8771

2. 22 Gauge 3 Conductor Unshielded Communication Cable

Click here for Specs & Pricing

***equivalent Belden 8443 Equal

3. 22 Gauge 3 Conductor Unshielded Riser Security Cable

Click here for Specs & Pricing

If you are looking for a different 22AWG 3-C wire than the ones listed above please call 855-880-8010

Until next time!

Your pal,


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