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How Our Customers are Using SER Cable

service entrance to an external structure
Hey everyone, Willie the Wire Guy here. Lately, I’ve been keeping in touch with a number of our customers who have purchased wire and cable products for a couple of reasons: (1) to make sure they’re satisfied with their wire and cable, and (2) out of curiosity—to see how our products are being used. I’ve received awesome feedback, and I’m glad to see that people find our wire and cable performs at a high level.

It’s also been great to see the kinds of projects people are undertaking that have made them need our products in the first place. I thought it’d be a good idea to share this information for anyone who might be tackling a similar electrical project so that they can learn what type of wire others are using. Today, we’re going to focus on our Aluminum Service Entrance Cable with reinforcement tape (or SER Cable) and how Wire & Cable To Go buyers are putting it to use.
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Wire & Cable to Run 100 AMP Outdoor Service to Shed


Are you looking for wire & cable to run 100 amp outdoor service to your shed?

If so, Wire And Cable Your Way has a few excellent options.

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1st Place Winner – Electrical Wire for Off-Grid Hybrid System

Wire And Cable Your Way would like to congratulate Marc Stevens in Nebraska for winning 1st place in our February 2015 photo contest!

Marc used several different wires of ours including our 8/3 SOOW Cord, THHN Copper Wire, and Welding Cable for his renewable energy project.

Here is what Marc had to say:

This project is an Off-Grid hybrid system that includes a 3 kW wind turbine on a 100 ft self-supporting lattice tower and 2.8 kW of photovoltaics on a dual axis tracker. Wire and Cable Your Way supplied us with #8 AWG SOOW for the down tower wiring, #8 THHN for the inverter/charger and solar charge controller wiring, and 4/0 welding cable for the home run battery connections.

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Wire And Cable Your Way would like to congratulate John Kielty for winning 3rd place in our February 2015 photo contest!

Although this photo may be a little “out of the box” we really loved the creativity of how the wire was being used.

John uses the copper in our 350 MCM Welding Cable Class K for tree sculptures.

Here is what John had to say:

My project is one of many copper tree sculptures embedded in unique rocks which my wife and I collect from the USA and Canada in our RV travels.
I use only 350 MCM Welding Cable Class K copper wire. Our friends and family seem to enjoy these gifts. These copper trees are set in drilled holes in a nice piece of Sierra Nevada quartz.

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12/2 & 12/3 Wire for Indoor Electrical Wiring

12-2. 12-3 wire

Sending a BIG THANKS to our customer Ric, in Ohio, who sent in this photo above of a new apartment building he recently built.

We get real excited hearing what our customers are doing with our cable and Ric was kind enough to share a photo!

Ric purchased our 12-2 w ground & 12-3 w ground NM-B wire for all his indoor wiring.

Here is what Ric had to say:

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#12 Gauge 4 Conductor TC-ER For Solar Installations

#12 Gauge 4 Conductors TC-ER For Solar Installations

Are you planning to install solar panels on your home in the near future?

If so, please take a look at several different solar wire options Wire And Cable Your Way has to offer.

Below is a list of popular wires people use for solar applications.

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14 4 SJ Cord, 10 4 SO Cord & 12 4 SO Cord for Speaker Wire & Sound Systems!

14-4 SJ Cord - SO Cord

Summer is right around the corner and we know many of our customers will be using our SJOOW & SOOW Portable Cords for outside live music events & concerts.

Wire And Cable Your Way has a vast selection of portable cords all available by the foot!

Our friendly customer Clint sent in the photo above and has this to say:

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3rd Place Winner – 2/0 Welding Cable For RV Battery Cable


Last but not least Wire & Cable To Go would like to announce the 3rd place winner in our April Photo Contest!

The 3rd place winner goes to a talented customer named Lonnie Wade out of Michigan.

Lonnie uses our welding cable as battery for several different projects of his including this one for his RV battery.

Here is what Lonnie had to say about the photo:

I built this charger to charge my 6 batteries in the RV 5th wheel, can push up to 320 AMPs with a 13 HP diesel engine in about 1 to 1.5 hours.  I used 2/0 welding cable from Wire & Cable to Go.

Thanks for submitting your photo Lonnie and thanks to all our other talented customers out there who sent in photos of the projects they are working on!

If you are interested in welding cable for your battery cable please click here>>

Feel free to call 855-880-8010 if you have any questions.

Thanks for you stopping by!

Your pal,

2nd Place Winner – 18/2 SJOOW Portable Cord for LED Lights

18/2 SJOOW LED Lighting

And the 2nd Place Winner of Wire And Cable Your Way’s April Photo contest is Matthew Tucci from Omaha, Nebraska!  Matthew sent in this photo above of his keyboard stand using our 18/2 SJOOW Portable Cord to power the LED Lights.

Here is what Matty had to say:

My name is Matty-T. I tour in the band Blu Simon. Last summer I decided to build a stand for my Moog synthesizer that would really stand out on stage. I used aluminum extrusion from MK North America to build the telescoping center support. The unique T-Slot shape worked well as lighting channel, which I filled with high density LED lights. I then fashioned a tray and legs out of steel. The steel pieces were coated in plasti-dip to grip and protect the instrument and floor. The tray includes a tightening mechanism to hold the keyboard in place as it rotates. The tray is mounted to the stand with a ball joint from Maui Mount that allows for angling toward the audience and movement throughout the performance. The cable (18/2 SJOOW) used to run the LED’s was purchased from Wire and Cable Your Way.

Thanks for the submitting your photo Matty and we will definitely have to check out your band when they come to town!

Please click here if you would like to learn more about our SJOOW Portable Cords>

All of our SJOOW are cut to length and shipped out the same day ordered!

Until next time.

Your pal,

1st Place Winner – Building A New Home? Aluminum Wire, Copper Wire & Low Voltage Wire For Residential Wiring


Aluminum Wire, Copper Wire, Low Voltage - residential

Wire & Cable To Go is excited to announce the first place winner of our April Photo Contest!

The winner is Nathan Pauls from California who sent in this fantastic photo above of water shooting out the well.

Nathan purchased our 2 gauge aluminum wire, 4/0 aluminum wire, 3/0 THHN copper wire, Cat6E Riser Cable & RG6 for his new residence.

Here is what Nathan had to say about the photo above:

I am building a new home and this is a picture of us cleaning out the well before we install the pump using wire purchased from Wire and Cable Your Way. The well is 600 feet from our new home site and we are using #2 aluminum for our 3 phase ag/domestic pump. We are also installing a new residential service using 4/0 aluminum. We are using 3/0 copper for both our new meter panels. We are also using Cat6e and RG6 Quad cable for our low voltage wiring in our new house. We thank Wire and Cable Your Way for the great prices, customer service and very timely shipping.

Thanks for participating in the contest Nathan and thank you to all the other participants who sent in installation photos.

If you are interested in viewing all our wire and cable products please stop by or call 855-880-8010 with any questions.

Until next time.

Your pal,

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