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What’s the Difference Between SOOW, SEOOW, and STOW Portable Cord?

And what does that J mean?Willy_lasso-768x683


Buying flexible portable cord can be a confusing process—the existence of several different types of SO cord makes it hard to choose the right one. To help anyone going through this process, we’ve compiled a quick cheat sheet to explain the differences between them.

First, let’s take note of the similarities: each of these multi-conductor power cables can be used in a variety of applications that require wiring with superior flexibility and durability such as portable tools and equipment, portable appliances, small motors, and associated machinery.

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What is the Oustide Diameter of SOOW Portable Cords?

Are you looking for the outside diameter of a certain SOOW Portable Cord?

If so, listed below are a few popular 3 conductor & 4 conductor SOOW Cords and their OD.

If you are looking for the OD of an SOOW with more than 3 conductors please click here to view our entire SOOW Portable Cord category.

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Now in Stock – SJTOW White Portable Cord!

Wire And Cable Your Way is pleased to now offer SJTOW White Portable Cord in several different sizes – all cut by the foot!

SJTOW Portable Cord is rated for 300 Volts and comes in a Thermo-plastic oil resistant white jacket.

Below are the sizes we currently offer:

18/3 SJTOW White Portable Cord
16/3 SJTOW White Portable Cord
16/4 SJTOW White Portable Cord
14/3 SJTOW White Portable Cord
12/3 SJTOW White Portable Cord
10/3 SJTOW White Portable Cord

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14/3 Black SJOOW Cord for Extension Cords – “DIY Stingers”


14-3 SJOOW Cord - Stingers

All of us here at Wire And Cable Your Way are loving this photo and informative testimony from a super talented video production professional out in Colorado.

Our customer Brian B. purchased our 14/3 SJOOW Cord to use as “stingers”.

Here is what Brian had to say:

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3rd Place Winning Photo – 18/3 SVT Portable Cord for Modular Lighting


And the 3rd Place Winner in Wire And Cable Your Way’s February 2014 Photo Contest is Andrew Neyer.

Andrew is a very talented designer who created this lighting apparatus above using our 18/3 Portable Cord.

Here is what Andrew had to say about the photo:

Swinging sconce pivots 180º with a cord tension cantilevered design. The light can be set to any height by simply feeding the cable through the pivoting rod. A perfect solution for modular lighting in any space.

Thanks for sending in the photo, Andrew, and keep up the good work!

Interested in submitting a photo for our March 2014 Photo Contest?

Please click here>>

Winner receives a $100 Visa Gift Card!

Until next time.

Your pal,

Q & A with Wille The Wire Guy (THHN, Portable Cords & Aluminum Cable)

I wanted to share a bunch of questions I’ve been receiving from Wire And Cable Your Way customers across the country in hopes to help you with your shopping experience.

Hi Willie, I have a big job that requires 500 MCM THHN and 4/0 THHN and would need the cable delivered within 3 days to a job site in Virginia.    Can you guarantee I’ll have the cable delivered by then?  Thanks – John

John – Yes we would ship the 500 MCM THHN and 4/0 THHN out of North Carolina and you would receive it within 1-2 days. As long as you order the cable before 3pm cst we will ship it out the same day.


Dear Willie, I am looking for 750′ of your 4/0, 4/0 & 2/0 Sweetbriar Aluminum Underground Cable (URD) and I am curious how much it costs to ship to Michigan? – Paul

Hi Paul – This order would qualify for free shipping as it is over $1000 so there would be no shipping cost!


Willie, I need a flexible 10 gauge 3 wire portable cord – what cable would you recommend? – Tom

Tom – I’d recommend taking a look at our 10/3 SOOW Portable Cord and our 10/3 SJOOW Portable Cord which are our most popular.  The SOOW is rated for 600 volts and the SJOOW is rated for 300 volts.  We cut both these cables to the exact length you need.

Click here to view 10/3 SOOW Portable Cord

Click here to view 10/3 SJOOW Portable Cord


Hi Willie, I am planning on purchasing 6 AWG THHN for my 60 amp breaker but NEED different colors of the 6 AWG THHN.  Do you offer different colors? – Alex

Alex – yes we offer a wide variety of colors on our 6 AWG THHN Copper Building Wire and we can cut each piece to the exact length you need.

Click here to view all 6 AWG THHN Colors


If you have questions you need answered you can call us at 855-880-8010 or email support@wireandcableyourway.com

Thanks for stopping by!

Your pal,


Vertical drops for SOOW cords allows for easier industrial equipment installation

soow cord vertical drop

We’d like to extend a BIG THANKS to Dan in Wisconsin, our friendly loyal customer who sent over photos of the 4/4 SOOW Portable Cord 600V being installed on a vertical milling machine in his company’s warehouse. Dan likes using Wire & Cable To Go because we cut all the cords he needs to the exact length at no extra charge and he always receives his cords the day after he orders. Here is what Dan had to say about the photo above & the SOOW cord he decided to buy:

The cable being installed here is 4AWG/4-cond SOOW. It is being used to run a CNC VMC (vertical milling machine). Most of the other vertical cords you see in the picture are various types of SOOW being used to run other VMCs, CNC lathes, tapping machines, and drill presses. Using vertical drops for the cords and air allows for easier/less-expensive installation, and making moving the equipment easier. We are very pleased!”

Are you looking for an SOOW Portable Cord?
Please click here to view our entire SOOW category »

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks for stopping by!

Your pal,

SOOW Portable Cords and Wire Harnessing

soow cord for wire harness

Wire & Cable To Go would like to give a BIG THANKS to our friend & customer Jason down in Central Illinois who sent in the above photos of his wire harness.

Jason, a great farmer in his community and an expert in agricultural operations, needed to replace a malfunctioning wiring harness on his planter and ordered our 16/30 SOOW Portable Cord cut to length at 50′. This gives him control of hydraulic flow valves that operate cylinders to raise, lower, and fold the planter on the farm.

Keep up the good work, Jason! We appreciate all that you do!

Your pal,


Click here to see a list of all our multi-conductor SOOW portable cords.


Do you have photos of the wire and cable you purchased from us attached to your application?
If so, please send them to the email address below with a short blurb on how you used the wire. We would be thrilled to share it with our community!

SOOW Portable Cord for Portable Generators


Are you looking for a flexible portable cord for your generator?

Many of our customers reach out to us wondering what type of portable cord is best for their new generator at home.  We tell them it depends on the specs of the application, how many amps are required for the generator, and that Wire & Cable To Go has several different options to choose from!

Our most popular portable cord for generators is our line of SOOW portable cords.  These flexible rubber cords which are good for 600 volts are cut to the exact length you need for your generator.  The most popular sizes for home generators are our 6/4 SOOW, 8/4 SOOW & 10/4 SOOW portables Cords.   These all have a total of 4 conductors.

Another popular portable cord used on heavy duty generators is our  Type W Portable Cord.  These multi-conductor portable cords are flexible, durable &  can handle 2000v applications.

Here is what our friendly customer, Jack, had to say about the 10/4 SOOW portable cord he purchased for his 3500 Watt Generator (see photo above).

The generator puts out 3500 watts and is wired through a transfer switch into my house. It operates my 220v artesian well pump as well as a refrigerator,freezer and four house circuits for lamps,tv and accessories. We are quite comfortable during power outages which are common around here!

New Products: SEOOW (600V) and SJEOOW (300V)

Wire & Cable To Go now offers Type SEOOW and SJEOOW Cable at the best prices you’ll find anywhere – available by the foot with no cut charges. These multiconductor power cables can be used in applications that require flexibility and durability such as portable industrial machiner and indoor/outdoor temporary power.

SEOOW Flexible Portable Cord 600V »

SJEOOW Flexible Portable Cord 300V »

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