Residential Wiring, Industrial Controls, & Outdoor Uses For Tray Cable (THHN-PVC)

Looking for a Multi-Conductor Tray Cable (THHN-PVC) for an upcoming project?

Our Tray Cable is a versatile & durable cable used in many residential, industrial, and outdoor applications. It’s constructed with THHN conductors , a pvc/nylon insulation,  and a flame retardant and sunlight resistant pvc jacket.

Tray Cable is rated for direct burial, UL listed & oil and chemical resistant.

Below are a few examples of the types of applications our customers use Tray Cable (THHN-PVC):

  • Underground feeder for main panel to sub-panel (Direct Burial)
  • Outside wiring
  • Industrial Generator Cable
  • Electronic Assembly
  • Control cable/wiring
  • HVAC installation
  • Marina Dock Wiring
  • Communication Cable for Mini-split A/C Unit Wiring
  • Heat Pump Controls
  • Raceway Upgrade
  • Solar System Installations
  • Cable Tray
  • Environmental sensor wiring
  • Chemical refinery applications

Tray Cable is also an excellent option for customers looking for a multi-conductor THHN cable.

Wire And Cable Your Way carries a wide variety of Tray Cable sizes.

Click here to learn more about pricing and specs of our Tray Cable (THHN-PVC):

If you have questions about this product please call 855-880-8010 or email us through our support page.

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