New products: TelcoFlex®, Red Jumper Cable, and Remote & Drill Cord

We’re excited to annouce the addition of these new products to our site!

TelcoFlex® Central Office Power Wire
These cables posess superior flexibility and durability, which makes them ideal for applications which require cable pulling through tray systems.

TelcoFlex II TelcoFlex® II Central Office Power Wire and Cable Class I Flexible Tinned Strand Without Braid »
TelcoFlex III TelcoFlex® III Central Office Power Wire and Cable Class B Strand With Braid »
TelcoFlex IV TelcoFlex® IV Central Office Power Wire and Cable Class I Flexible Strand With Braid »

5kV/15kV Red Jumper Cable
Suitable as a flexible power lead for temporary connections and other industrial applications and features excellent flexibility and resistance to oil, water and weather.

5kV/15kV Red Jumper Cable View 5kV/15kV Red Jumper Cable »

Remote & Drill Cord Cable
For Industrial and light- to medium-duty mining applications, heavy-duty service as power supply cable, and other applications where separating the system neutral from the frame ground is required.

Remote Drill Cord Cable View Remote & Drill Cord Cable »

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