Looking for a Generator Power Cord For a Portable Generator?

As we move into this cold winter, many of our customers at Wire And Cable Your Way look to us for their generator power cord.

We have a great selection to choose from, cut all the cords by the exact foot, and ship out the same day ordered!

Our most popular portable cord for a generator is our SOOW Flexible Portable Cord – 600V.

Depending on your generator, most people need either 3 conductor or 4 conductor SOOW Portable Cord.

Common sizes are between 2 gauge  – 10 gauge.  The SOOW Portable Cord comes in a flexible rubber jacket rated for outdoor use.

Click here to view sizes and prices on all our SOOW Portable Cords>>

Another popular portable cord for generators are the Type W Portable Power Cord.

This power cord is more heavy duty than the SOOW Portable Cord and rated up  to 2000V.  It’s also flexible and available in larger sizes than the SOOW Cord.

Click here to view sizes and prices on all our Type W Power Cords>>

If you have any questions regarding these products feel free to give us a call at 855-880-8010.

You can view our entire product selection at WireAndCableYourWay.com 

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