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Thousands of Wire & Cable To Go customers are using our products to build everything from do-it-yourself projects at home to industrial scale installations.

Send us your project photo for a chance to win $100 gift card and to have your project featured on our site. We’ll announce the winners on the second business day of the month.

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New Products: Audio Cable, Cat5 & Cat6 Data Cable, Coaxial Cable and accessories

We’re excited to annouce the addition of these new products to our site!

Audio Cable
Suitable for Communication and Signal Control Systems.

Audio Cable View Audio Cable »

Cat5 & Cat6 High-Performance Data Cable
Category 5 and Category 6 cables are used in structured cabling for computer networks such as Ethernet and is suitable for 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX (Fast Ethernet), and 1000BASE-T (Gigabit Ethernet).

Cat5 & Cat6 High-Performance Data Cable View Cat5 & Cat6 Cable »
View Cat5 & Cat6 Patch Panels »
View Cat5 & Cat6 Jacks, Plugs and Face Plates »

Coaxial Cable

Coaxial Cable View Coaxial Cable »
View Coaxial Connectors »

THHN Wire and SOOW Cord for Carnival Ride Systems

THHN and SOOW for Carnival Rides

Wire & Cable To Go would like to send a big thanks to our customer, Tony, who sent in these photos of a carnival ride he is rebuilding down in Florida.

Tony bought multiple cuts of 6 AWG THHN Building Wire in different colors & 16/12 SOOW Portable Cord 600v UL/CSA which he needed to rebuild the carnival ride drive system from clutch drive to VFD.

We appreciate the photos, Tony, and know the carnival rides will be put to good use this spring/summer!

Learn more about our THHN/THWN Building Wire »

Learn more about our SOOW Portable Cords »

Thanks for stopping by!

Your pal,

New products: TelcoFlex®, Red Jumper Cable, and Remote & Drill Cord

We’re excited to annouce the addition of these new products to our site!

TelcoFlex® Central Office Power Wire
These cables posess superior flexibility and durability, which makes them ideal for applications which require cable pulling through tray systems.

TelcoFlex II TelcoFlex® II Central Office Power Wire and Cable Class I Flexible Tinned Strand Without Braid »
TelcoFlex III TelcoFlex® III Central Office Power Wire and Cable Class B Strand With Braid »
TelcoFlex IV TelcoFlex® IV Central Office Power Wire and Cable Class I Flexible Strand With Braid »

5kV/15kV Red Jumper Cable
Suitable as a flexible power lead for temporary connections and other industrial applications and features excellent flexibility and resistance to oil, water and weather.

5kV/15kV Red Jumper Cable View 5kV/15kV Red Jumper Cable »

Remote & Drill Cord Cable
For Industrial and light- to medium-duty mining applications, heavy-duty service as power supply cable, and other applications where separating the system neutral from the frame ground is required.

Remote Drill Cord Cable View Remote & Drill Cord Cable »

High Quality Belden Equivalents Help Customers Get the Job Done While Saving Money

Belden Equal Cable

We’d like to give a thanks to our customer, Stu, down in Texas for sending in a photo of our Belden 8761 equal communication cable. The belden equals are very popular amongst our customers and feedback on the quality of these low voltage cables are outstanding!

Here is what Stu had to say about the photos and his use for the Belden Equal:

We manufacture level controls for the petrochemical and food processing industries. The pictured unit has a probe that is inserted in the tank and has electronics that can be mounted up to 5000 feet away with your cable. Customers order the length to suit their application and we cut to order. We bought your equal to Belden 8761.

We appreciate the feedback, Stu!

Click here to learn more about our Belden Equals – Communications Cable.

If you are looking for a certain Belden Cable but can’t seem to find it on our site please send us an email or call 855-880-8010 as we most likely can get you a quote.

Thanks for stopping by!

Your pal,

Diesel Locomotive Cable (DLO) & Marine Installations

DLO Marine Application

Sending a BIG THANKS to our customer, Art, who sent us this picture of his Allied Seabreeze 35 sailboat cruisin’ the northeast bay.  Art chose to buy Diesel Locomotive Cable for his sailboat’s anchor windlass.  An anchor windlass is a machine that restrains and manipulates the anchor chain and/or rope on a boat, allowing the anchor to be raised and lowered.

Here is what Art had to say about the diesel locomotive cable.

“The DLO (Diesel Locomotive Cable) is for a newly installed anchor windlass. I used diesel locomotive cable for its corrosion resistant qualities. Each copper strand is tinned. The salt water environment has made tinned wire the standard for marine installations. It’s a 12 volt dc system so the amperage is high. The pictures show the hook up to the reversing relay in forward cabin which will have a varnished mahogany box covering it. A second picture is back aft near the battery bank which shows the 70 Amp isolation breaker. The cables are run in a galley locker pretty much out of sight.  I’m happiest when I have a project!”

Thanks for the info, Art! We hope you have a fantastic sailing season!

Diesel Locomotive Cable (DLO) is also used for many other applications such as:  electric locomotives, diesel generators, drilling & oil rigs, railroad wiring, cranes, motor leads, and plenty more.

Curious on pricing of our diesel locomotive cable?  please click here.

Thanks for stopping by!

Your pal,

THHN and Welding Cable for Wiring Solar Array Projects

solar with thhn and welding cable

We really enjoy these pics that were sent over from our friend Michael in Southern California. Michael did a massive solar array installation on his home & decided to buy #2 THHN Copper Building Wire along with 4/0 welding cable for his battery cables.

He also created an entire blog about the process of buying & installing all parts for his solar project. Michael gave us a great recommendation which was fun to see and greatly appreciated !

Here is what Michael had to say:

“The wire run from the panels to the charge controllers is over 180 feet.  Sourcing the wire for this run took some time.  I initially was going to run 4 gauge wire.  The plans call for 4 gauge wire.  When I went back and rechecked my calculations, I realized the voltage drop would be almost 5%.  Not acceptable.  3 gauge wire would do it but I decided that I wasn’t going to take any chances and ordered 2 gauge wire.  When it comes to wire, I have found there is only one source,  Wire And Cable Your Way.  They have the best service, the best prices and they ship for free on orders over $1000 and they are FAST!  When I realized I needed to run a thicker wire. I called up Seth and he got on it.  He also called back to make sure I was taken care of.”

We recommend you checking out his blog if you are interested in learning about the process of installing a solar panel for your home. It’s very informative!

It was fun doing business with you, Michael!

BTW – if you are planning any electrical installation at home, we highly recommend you consult with a local electrician first.  They can advise you on current state electrical codes and which type of cables are suitable for the application.

Thanks for stopping by.

Your pal,

Wire & Cable For Wind Farms & Renewable Energy Projects

wind turbine farm

We here at Wire & Cable To Go take pride in supplying wire & cable for renewable energy/solar energy projects. From small home solar panel installations to big wind farm projects, we share a strong passion for clean renewable energy!

With that being said, we were very happy to receive these great photos from our friends & customers out in Hawaii who sent the above photos of wind turbines on a wind farm project they worked on for over a year. Their mission was to bring clean renewable energy to thousands of homes in the area and from what I hear their mission was accomplished!

They gave us last look on the job and we were able to ship them thousands of feet of Tray Cable (THHN/PVC) & XHHW MCM Cable on the same day they ordered. Plus, they needed the cable to arrive in 2 days so the project wouldn’t be held up and we expedited the shipping with no problems at all!

Are you working on a wind turbine or solar panel project?

If so, we recommend checking the specs on the application and see what types of wires are needed. While some applications require PV Solar Wire & USE-2 Solar Wire others do permit the use for the cables below which we cut by the foot at no extra charge, and can ship out the same day!

If you have questions about your solar energy project please do not hesitate to contact us!

Thanks for stopping by!

Your pal,

Vertical drops for SOOW cords allows for easier industrial equipment installation

soow cord vertical drop

We’d like to extend a BIG THANKS to Dan in Wisconsin, our friendly loyal customer who sent over photos of the 4/4 SOOW Portable Cord 600V being installed on a vertical milling machine in his company’s warehouse. Dan likes using Wire & Cable To Go because we cut all the cords he needs to the exact length at no extra charge and he always receives his cords the day after he orders. Here is what Dan had to say about the photo above & the SOOW cord he decided to buy:

The cable being installed here is 4AWG/4-cond SOOW. It is being used to run a CNC VMC (vertical milling machine). Most of the other vertical cords you see in the picture are various types of SOOW being used to run other VMCs, CNC lathes, tapping machines, and drill presses. Using vertical drops for the cords and air allows for easier/less-expensive installation, and making moving the equipment easier. We are very pleased!”

Are you looking for an SOOW Portable Cord?
Please click here to view our entire SOOW category »

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks for stopping by!

Your pal,

Stage Lighting Cable & Our Future Generation

stage lighting cable

We here at Wire & Cable To Go enjoy hearing what our customers create with the wire they order. Our customers are resourceful, creative, handy, and all engineers in their own right! From homeowners, to business owners, young students to highly skilled professions we hear all types of stories on how they are all using wire & cable.

Recently, we were happy to hear from an up ‘n’ coming 11th grader named Zac, who has a burgeoning event production business around town in PA!  A young entrepreneur at heart, he has a passion for sound and lighting production and takes a class at school which gives him the opportunity to work on an electrical issue he was having at his gigs. Like many people in the event/entertainment production field, Zac had his eye on the Stage Lighting Cable for the application.  Here is what the young fella’ had to say about his latest school/work project which, by the way,  is still pending approval from his teacher:)

I work in lighting and sound production. I do everything from ballets and musicals to rally’s and school dances. A lot of the gear we have been using lately as our company continues to grow is starting to draw more power than the venues we work at are set up for. So to solve my problem I have constructed a power distro. This will allow me to tie directly into the main service panel at a venue and draw my own power (of course checking what they are already drawing to be sure to not over draw the service). The cable I purchased from Wire & Cable To Go is the #4 AWG Stage Lighting Cable UL/CSA. I’m using it as the main feed into the panel. I installed camlock connectors on tails and made other tails that I can tie in with. It’s been working out great!”

Keep rockin’ on, Zac!
Maybe we’ll catch a big show of yours down the road!

Your pal,


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