#6 Gauge THHN Copper Wire & 8/3 Type W Power Cable for EV Charging Stations

#6 Gauge THHN , 8/3 Type W Power Cable

Wire & Cable To Go recently received these photos from our customer Valery in California who uses our products in EV charging stations his company creates.

Valery decided to buy our #6 AWG THHN Copper Building Wire & 8 gauge 3 conductor Type W Portable Power Cord for the EV stations.

Here is what Valery had to say:

We use your products in our EV charging stations – targeted at DIY / open-source market. The new product – EMW JuiceBox – a 15kW / 60A Open Source level 2 charging station – is the most powerful EV charging station available today. We use your 6 AWG THHN wires for internal 60A wiring (AWG 6) and use your 8/3 Type W industrial cable for power supply to the charging station (AWG 8 – 3C cable).

We also use your products in our EV chargers – mostly the same #6 AWG THHN  wiring to connect all the high-power components.

We appreciate the photos, Valery, and wish you all the best on your products!

Click the link below to view our #6 THHN Copper Building Wire product:


Click the link below to view our 8 AWG 3 Conductor Type W Portable Power Cable:


The 6 AWG THHN Wire and the 8/3 Type W Cable are both available by the foot and can be shipped the same day.  Most of your customers receive our products between 1-3 business days.

If you have any questions please call 855-880-8010 or send us an email through our contact page.

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