10/3 SJEOOW Portable Cord for Solar Power – Hot Water Systems


It’s always exciting for us here at Wire And Cable Your Way to see the different types of wire and cable our customers use for solar power applications.

Recently, we received a few photos from our customer Roger in California whose company sells solar hot water systems.

Roger uses our 10/3 SJEOOW Portable Cord – 300v  (see above) which connects to the solar hot water system. Once connected the SJEOOW Cord helps bring power from the six solar PV panels (see below) down to the hot water system.


The SJEOOW is a very popular cord made up of a thermoplastic elastomer rubber jacket which is both durable and flexible.  The SJEOOW cable is outdoor rated and oil resistant.

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Wire And Cable Your Way cuts all portable cords to length and can make as many cuts as you need for your job at no extra cost.

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